samedi 2 février 2013

Hey nice to meet you..

Hi everyone,


The first post is with no doubt to introduce myself to you and why I wanna start a blog (like there's not enought of these).

My blog will be about anything. I'm 21 and I feel that in your 20's till your 30's you have a lot going on, like start and finish school, working in the field that you've been studying for, having boyfriend, getting married, babies and Ughh, juste a lot going on and I'm not ready for the most part, haha.


And I kinda feel like I'm still searching for who I wanna be for the rest of my life and live my life as I want. The first thing that comes into my mind is my clothes. I feel they don't represent me anymore, that I still have the samething as I wear in high school. So there will be a part in this blog about finding my style (and I don't have any fashion sense so its gonna be fun) and posting outfit that I like.


Second thing : I'm a big fan of youtube, and I like trying new beauty products so yes I'll keep you posted on the things that I like.


Third one : Sharing my opinion with you about any subject that pops into my mind and that I may question myself.


Four thing : I want to study in tourism program at school and that mean that I love trying new restaurants, new dances classes or just find nice shop.


Finaly, I want to improve my super English skills ! It is my second language and I wanna learn it perfectyle, so maybe by posting new post in english will help, who know ?


So yeah, if you're interested of me posting random stuff that I like, then check out my blog :)


Have a super-dooper-nice day :)